The answer to this question is not always an obvious one. There are many conditions that could require emergency care for your pet. Some of the more common reasons we see pets are:

PPER Pawprint  Vomiting / Diarrhea / Anorexia

Vomiting, diarrhea, and/or anorexia can all be symptoms of a variety of diseases; conditions requiring immediate emergency care to minor gastrointestinal upset. Knowing the cause of your pets’ symptoms is where the trick lies. In order to clarify uncertainties, it is best to have your pet evaluated by one of our emergency doctors.

PPER Pawprint  Bloat (Gastric Dilation Volvulus aka GDV)

There is no definitive reason why dogs bloat from GDV. The stomach rotates on itself and cuts off blood supply and gastric emptying causing the stomach to fill up like a balloon. The typical signs for this condition are a bloated appearance through the abdomen, and vomiting with no production. This is a life threatening emergency and must be addressed immediately.

PPER Pawprint  Toxin Ingestion

Many household items can prove to be toxic to your pets including plants, foods, medications, cleaners, fertilizers, and pest control products. If you feel like your pet ingested something toxic, please call or visit our clinic as soon as possible for instruction. Refer to the following ASPCA links to learn about common toxins in pets:

PPER Pawprint  Lameness

Lameness can be caused by a number of problems, some more commonly seen are fractures and ruptured CCL’s (cranial cruciate ligament). We recommend a professional evaluation that will likely include x-rays to help diagnose a fracture versus a soft tissue injury. The doctor may also prescribe appropriate pain management to help keep your pet comfortable throughout the healing process.

PPER Pawprint  Hit By Car

Dogs and cats can suffer from many injuries when hit by a car. Even if your pet seems okay, have them seen by a veterinarian to ensure that there is nothing occurring internally that can turn into a life threatening emergency.

PPER Pawprint  Bite Wounds and Lacerations

Sometimes the smallest puncture wounds are the biggest problems. Puncture wounds can turn into a horrible infection, wreaking havoc on the entire body. It is best to have your pet treated even for the smallest bite or laceration to ensure that bacteria does not spread, causing more damage to skin, muscle or bone.

PPER Pawprint  Inability To Urinate

One of the more frequent emergencies we see, is a cat that simply cannot urinate. Usually the cat will have a history of going to the litter box often without producing anything and vocalizing. This condition, commonly referred to as ‘blocked tom’, happens commonly in neutered male cats, but can occur in female cats and intact male cats. Lower urinary tract problems are not species specific and can occur in dogs as well. This can be a life threatening emergency and must be addressed immediately as the bladder will get so full it can rupture.

PPER Pawprint  Allergic Reactions

From vaccines to bee stings, pets can experience allergic reactions to almost anything, just as humans. Symptoms include swelling of the face or eyes, hives, redness of the skin, difficulty breathing and sometimes can lead to anaphylactic shock.

PPER Pawprint  Other Conditions

Sometimes, our pets don’t show us any signs or symptoms besides just not behaving normally.  You know your pet better than anyone else. If you feel your pet is not acting normal and are concerned about your pet in any way, we are always here. Call us if you have questions and our staff can better direct you whether your pet needs to be seen or not.

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Little girl walking her beagle dog in the nature on sunset
Little girl walking her beagle dog in the nature on sunset