Blood Donor Program

Like people, at times our pets need a blood transfusion. This is the reason that Powers Pet Emergency and Specialty started our blood donor program. We are able to provide blood for transfusions for not only the pets we care for in our hospital but other hospitals within our area as well.


Dr. Price and Lola

We have dogs of all breeds and cats of all sizes and shapes in our donor programs. The general requirements for our donors are to be happy and healthy, between 1-8 years of age, greater than 50 pounds for dogs and greater than 10 pounds for cats. All of our donors are fully vaccinated and undergo a comprehensive blood screening every year. Our donors love their “perks” of free food and heartworm preventative, not to mention that with every donation they can save up to three lives!


Hundreds of dogs and cats per year will receive our blood products. Most of these pets go on to survive their emergency conditions. We are so thankful to the donors in our community for allowing us to save so many lives every year!


Our blood donor team is led by Dr. Jennifer Price. She works directly with our technical staff to ensure each donation is a pleasant experience for the pet. Dr. Price examines each pet prior to donation to ensure the safety of the donor.


We not only supply our hospital with life saving blood products, but we also provide these products to our front range veterinary community. Please inquire directly at 719-473-0482 for pricing and delivery details.


“Lola”, diagnosed with immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. She has received two blood donations in the last 6 months and is now finally a happy and healthy 3-year old!

Want your pet to be a life-saving part of the Colorado Springs animal community? It’s very simple to get your pet signed up to be a blood donor! While the actual donations are scheduled during week day hours, your pet can complete the initial blood testing any day of the week at any time of day. Simply bring your pet by the clinic, fill out a brief form, and allow your pet to give a small sample of blood for testing. We will set up the first donation shortly thereafter. All we ask is that your pet meets the following general requirements prior to the initial blood testing:

  • Cats and dogs 1-8 years of age
  • Cats weighing > 10 pounds and Dogs weighing > 50 pounds
  • Fully vaccinated
  • No underlying serious medical conditions (ask our team about medical conditions in your pet)
  • Spayed or non-bred female or neutered male
  • Dogs must be on heart worm preventative from April through October (subject to change). We provide six months of heart worm prevention for our canine donors at no charge!
  • Cats must be indoor only and not exposed to outdoor cats
  • Available to donate up to 6 times per year (every 2 months)

Perks for our canine and feline donors include a free large bag of Science Diet maintenance formulation food at each donation (a $40 value) and free six month supply of heart worm preventative for our canine donors (a $45 value per year).

Please call our clinic any day, any time with inquiries! 719-473-0482