Surgical Services

Extensive surgical experience with emergency procedures, orthopedic procedures and soft tissue surgery.

Powers Pet Emergency & Specialty provides a high standard of care for your pet. Our hospital closely follows the American Animal Hospital Associations standards of surgical preparation with all of our surgical procedures.

Costs of Elective Procedures: Orthopedic procedures and especially elective orthopedic procedures are priced based on the type of orthopedic surgery your pet needs. We can provide estimates during a consult visit or your pre-surgical appointment. Consults are 75.00 with a two view set of radiographs included in that fee, if they are needed. We provide as comprehensive of an estimate as possible and we work very hard to make these procedures affordable without compromising our standards of care. All of our orthopedic procedures include an overnight stay at our hospital to ensure that your pet is provided the best care possible.

You will be provided an estimate at the time of your consult for all Surgical procedures performed in our hospital.  The estimate in most cases will indicate if your pet needs to stay overnight for hospital care or can be transferred to your regular veterinarian for continued care.

To help with costs we do have a couple of options available to our clients:

  • Care Credit is the best option overall. Interest fee plans can be available based on qualifications. Click on the link and you can go through an application.
  • Payment plans are possible for qualified individuals on orthopedic cases only. Finance charges will apply along with an administrative fee.

What to expect: At the consult the radiographs may be taken. Dr. Lee will go over the problems and the recommendations with you and an estimate will be provided. Most surgical procedure estimates will include the follow up checks and x-rays. The surgical appointment can be set up at that time.

Post operative rehabilitation is performed on site, in our rehabilitation center, with Dr. Danielle Waite. Dr. Waite is trained in Canine and Feline rehabilitation and will help design the perfect rehabilitation plan for your pet.  Post operative orthopedic rehabilitation treatment packages are available for a discounted rate when purchased at time of surgical procedure. We suggest post operative rehabilitation therapy for at least 4 weeks post surgery.  We also have available Water Treadmill packages as well as Acupuncture.

Rehabilitation therapy in veterinary medicine is similar to physical therapy in people, but has some significant differences due to the variations in the animal’s anatomy and the extreme forces that can be placed on their joints, bones, tendons and muscles.

Rehabilitation /therapy can help with reducing inflammation and pain after surgery and can be beneficial for animal companions by:

  • Promoting early weight bearing
  • Strengthening supporting tissues
  • Decreasing compensatory muscle, myofascial, and back pain
  • Providing mental stimulation for pets who have had restricted activity
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Reversing muscle atrophy
  • Promoting weight loss if needed
  • Developing structured homework program
  • Safely promoting faster return to function

Emergency Procedures:

  • Gastric Dilitation Volvulus/Gastropexy
  • Surgical intervention for Pyometra
  • Gastrointestinal Foreign Body Removal
  • Relieving Urinary Tract Obstruction — Feline and Canine
  • Hit by Car and Trauma Treatment
  • Soft Tissue Procedures
  • C-Section
  • Cystotomy
  • Snake Bite
  • Bite Wound Repair
  • Porcupine Quill Removal

Call for more information: 719-473-0482

Orthopedic procedures:

Soft tissue procedures:    

  • Perineal Urethrostomy
  • Perineal Hernia Repair
  • Soft Pallet Resection
  • Laryngeal Tie-Back Procedure
  • Mass Removals
  • Total Ear Canal Ablations/Resections