Powers Pet Emergency has the staff, equipment and expertise to assist with your pet’s needs.  Along with 24 hour emergency care, we are proud to be able to assist in the following:

Critical Care

When your pet is in need of prompt, intensive medical treatment in Colorado Springs, our highly trained and experienced staff are here 24 hours a day. Critical care specialists provide care for patients with life-threatening conditions and those requiring extraordinary supportive care, including constant monitoring and comprehensive multi-disciplinary care. In partnership with your family veterinarian,...


Powers Pet Emergency has dramatically improved the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases in veterinary medicine. The ability to ‘see’ inside our patients without Pet offers a wide range of radiology for pets in the Colorado Springs area. Advances in imaging technology offers many advantages in safe treatment of your pet’s condition and your peace...


Canine physical rehabilitation therapy is the treatment of an injury, illness, or post-surgical care for dogs to decrease pain and restore function and mobility. In canine rehabilitation therapy, we look at the entire animal, focusing not only on the obvious problem, but the compensatory issues that develop as a result of the initial problem. The...

Surgical Services

Extensive surgical experience with emergency procedures, orthopedic procedures and soft tissue surgery. Powers Pet Emergency provides a high standard of care for your pet. Our hospital closely follows the American Animal Hospital Associations standards of surgical preparation with all of our surgical procedures.

Blood Donor Program

Like people, at times our pets need a blood transfusion. This is the reason that Powers Pet Emergency and Specialty started our blood donor program. We are able to provide blood for transfusions for not only the pets we care for in our hospital but other hospitals within our area as well.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

MRI is a very powerful imaging tool. With an MRI, your veterinarian and veterinary radiologist can see soft tissues such as the brain or spine, joints, and cardiovascular structures in even better detail than with radiographs (x-rays) or CT-scan.

CT Scan

Powers Pet Emergency provides onsite advanced imaging technology at veterinary referral centers throughout the Colorado Springs Area. We are the first in Southern Colorado to offer CT technology. We are dedicated to ensuring that the many benefits of advanced.


Powers Pet Emergency and Specialty Service (PPERS) is proud to announce Colorado Spring’s first and premier small animal Neurology & Neurosurgical service. PPERS offers a state-of-the-art veterinary facility open 24/7, with expertise in the diagnosis and the medical or surgical treatment of neurologic conditions.